Monday, September 1, 2014

In the Swing Again

I have to say, after almost a year off it is nice to be in the swing of things again professionally. My mind never really took a rest from the ideas that float in and out of it most days and its nice to finally be utilizing my mind again with stimulating ideas.

I am not sure that I thought I would ever be a consultant, but it makes perfect sense. If you learn enough in life and can teach others then so be it. After only one month of promoting myself as a mentor / consultant in the New Orleans area and networking with the right people I took on an almost full time position as a contract CEO for a home health agency looking to rebuild and expand. WOW!! Can I do the job? I know I can. Is it a challenge? Absolutely. But I have never backed down from a challenge before.

I have to say I am flattered that the owner took a chance on me just based on my experience in the Entrepreneurial world and what I did with FuzziBunz. I suppose I never really thought what I did with FuzziBunz was all that impressive, I just followed my dream and pursued my passion. Tomorrow is my first day to actually work in the business and I get to hire my Executive Assistant and right hand woman. It is exciting to be building my own team to take another company to yet another level. I have learned so much during my first run as CEO with FuzziBunz and I have a lot to learn about the new field in which I am entering. This industry is not too different that the baby industry, it is the geriatric industry with much the same needs. Adult diapers anyone???  My goal is to make a significant impact for this company, the people involved and learn even more that I can bring to the others that I work with and mentor. Life is certainly a journey and I soak up as much information into this sponge as possible.

In my off hours when I am not researching this new industry in which I am entering I continue to build the team for The Make it Happen Workshop as it continues to evolve almost on a daily basis. Some really exciting times are approaching - I can hardly contain my excitement.