Friday, November 2, 2012

Daring to be Different

To some people being different is not a welcome concept.  To some, being different is uncomfortable.  To me, being different is a cornerstone of who I am.  I have lots of great ideas, some of which have been executed, most have never seen the light of day, but I do have great ideas - at least I think so ;-)  However if someone else has done this great idea, or capitalized on this "great" concept why would I bother doing the same?

There is always pressure to compete in my marketplace (cloth diapers) and often people say "you need to do this!" which typically means "you need to do what everyone else is doing" and I decline.  Why?  If it has been done, it has been done.  And I am above doing what has been done.  And if I am not - I am about how to do it BETTER!

Owls?  I appreciate the novelty and style of these cute little creatures.  But they are overdone in the diaper industry.  Yes, they are cute, possibly cuddly in a fairytale kind of way and often scary, unpredictable and keep the insomniac in us up all night.  Owls do not appeal to me as a soothing baby diaper graphic.  Cute yes, overdone yes, insomniacs nightmare?  Yes.  Regardless, overdone.  

So as someone who has a product that needs to ever evolve, keep on top of the trends and be progressive I step up to the challenge to BE DIFFERENT and BE BETTER!  Don't follow the trend....they have their purposes - but dare to be different!  I dared to be different with FuzziBunz and it was a big hit - I dared to be different with my One Size design and it sets FuzziBunz apart - same goes with anything regarding my brand - dare to be different, original and unique.  Going with the flow may only make you seem "not as unique" as the others and is that what you really want for your product or brand??? 

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